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Suggestions System

First, you need to configure suggestions.

How to configure

Enable Suggestions

in the suggestions.yml.. switch enabled to true

enabled: true

Set suggestions channel

in the suggestions.yml, set suggestions_channel to your suggestions channel

enabled: true
suggestions_channel: 894677242238623796 #Example ID, this won't work for you

Other configuration

Set messages, toggle things, until it is ready to be used

How it works

Make suggestion

The user uses the /suggest <Suggestion> command, a new message will be sent in the suggestions channel.. including a Suggestion Number.

Add a note

Add a note to tell your user some note about the suggestion. use /addnote <Suggestion Number> <Note Text> to add note.. Requires Admin in admin list As soon as you add it, last one made will be displayed on the suggestion

Approve or deny the suggestion

use /approve <Suggestion Number> or /deny <Suggestion Number> to approve or deny Also requires Admin in admins list

Example final look


You can modify this in config


Do not modify the database or break the system