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Punishment Plugins supported

This plugin currently supports AdvancedBan, LibertyBans and LiteBans

Due to differences on how these plugins work, compatibility is not the same, this table shows the advantages & disadvantages of the integration.

Note: This won't work if the punishments' plugin is on proxy

🟢 Expired Punishments may be late to be noticed (means late removal of punishment or sending the message on discord)

🟡 Expired Punishments may not be noticed (means no removal messages or removal of punishments on discord)

Plugin Punishment Sync Punishment Messages
AdvancedBan ✔️🟢 ✔️🟢
LibertyBans ✔️🟡 ✔️🟡
LiteBans ✔️ ✔️
  • It may look like AdvancedBan/Litebans is the most compatible, but I recommend LibertyBans as your punishments plugin

  • I don't own litebans, I don't know what works and what doesn't, so it's not that "perfect" i just never tested it