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Common Problems

the following are the problems many people have.

/ commands not showing

The Most Common Reason for this is missing bot scopes, please check your logs for a new invite generated by discordsrvutils, and use it again and run /dsu reload, you can also run /dsu debug and check the logs part in the report, it's easier to find it there.

/status console errors

Reason 1

Bad Permissions, please make sure this folder plugins/discordsrvutils/data has permission of 777, if folder doesn't exist create it and set permission to 777

Reason 2

Server is outdated, the default status-online message is not designed for old versions, of course, you can modify the default one to the one for your server version, the following should work:

  "embed": {
    "title": ":green_circle: Online",
    "description": "Change this message in /plugins/DiscordSRVUtils/messages/status-online.json",
    "color": "green",
    "timestamp": "now",
    "footer": {
      "text": "Server is online"
    "thumbnail": {
      "url": ""
    "fields": [
        "name": "Players",
        "value": "${#server.getOnlinePlayers().length}/[server.maxPlayers]"
        "name": "Version",
        "value": "Unknown"
        "name": "Server IP",
        "value": ""
Here we modified the Players field placeholder value from ${#server.getOnlinePlayers().size()}.... to ${#server.getOnlinePlayers().length}....