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First, let's take an example on how it look like


How it works?

It sends a message in discord channel that updates every X of time, full placeholder support, they can also be updated thru events, so the message is never missing anything

How to enable it

Use the /status command, and mention the channel, for example /status #server-status

How to find events

⚠ Not Events from all plugins are supported, only the ones that work with bukkit event system

Ask the developer of plugin about this, events from bukkit (that have no plugins for it) pls ask in our support discord

How to change the message

For online message, go into /plugins/DiscordSRVUtils/messages/status-online.json this is the json of the message

For offline message, go into /plugins/DiscordSRVUtils/messages/status-offline.json ⚠ this one does not support PlaceholderAPI

Compatibility with other plugins

The only current known problem is when you use premium/super vanish and don't want vanished players to show up, in this case you need PlaceholderAPI

Replace ${#server.getOnlinePlayers().size()} with %premiumvanish_playercount% or with %supervanish_playercount% (depending on what you use)

Update Delay

The time to update the status message (without events), in seconds, shouldn't be lower than 1 minute as of discord rate limits