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Leveling Roles

You can control the leveling role rewards in the /plugins/DiscordSRVUtils/leveling-roles.json file, this file is usually empty by default but here we will explain how to use it


it's a json, key is the level value is the role id, here is an example

  "3": 1,
  "10": 2,
  "20": 3

In the previous json, 1, 2 and 3 must be replaced with an actual role id, don't forget!

How it works

User only gets 1 leveling role maximum, if you use the json above (and replaced ids), here are the conditions:

If you are level 0->2 you get no roles, 3->9 role 1, if they reach level 10 role 1 gets removed and it is replaced with role 2, until you reach level 20, and then you get role 3 (and the role 2 is removed) and this role won't get removed.